Stem Cell Collection during childbirth

Α Life decision. The moment your baby comes into the world is unique, as is the option to collect and store the stem cells. Learn more about the collection and storage of cord blood and / or cord tissue.


Why choose Stem-Health

The choice of the stem cell bank that will store the stem cell’s of your child is a difficult decision. Stem-Health gives you 16 reasons to trust us.
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Family vs Public Banking

The cord blood is collected immediately after delivery and can be stored in a family bank or to donate it for public use. In family banking the cord blood can be used among  the members of the family.
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Therapeutic applications

The first cord blood transplant, took place in Paris in 1988 between two brothers. The first patient ever treated with cord blood suffered from Fanconi anemia. Since then there have been more than 20,000 transplants.
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