Our vision


For 6 years we have been creating a Reservoir of Life

On July 4, 2014 the Greek Stem Cell Bank Stem Health completed 6 years of operation, remaining faithful throughout this period to its core values of providing excellent service to the parents.

Stem-Health was founded in 2007 with the participation of two leading maternity hospitals in Greece, MITERA and LETO. The primary objective of the stem cell bank was to provide a superior service to the parents who choose these two maternity hospitals for the birth of their child. Since it's foundation, Stem Health services expanded covering other maternity hospitals throughout Athens and Greece.

The highly qualified scientific personnel have been working tirelessly and enthusiastically to fulfill the original vision of making Stem-Health a model company and the best stem cell bank in Greece. From day one, Stem-Health has been following the standards of FACT-NetCord, the leading and most specialized accreditation organization for cord blood banks worldwide. In 2010, Stem-Health reached a milestone by receiving the FACT-NetCord accreditation for autologous and directed allogeneic banking. Stem Health was the first bank in Greece and one of the 30 worldwide to have achieved this accreditation. In 2014, Stem-Health renewed the certificate by FACT-NetCord and was also accredited for banking cord blood for allogeneic transplantation purposes.

The goal of Stem-Health is to provide top quality services. The experienced management of the company encourages continuous training of the staff in order for the staff to remain on the edge of scientific and medical developments in the field of stem cells.

A key component of the high quality Stem-Health consistently maintains in the laboratory and storage areas has to do with the modern equipment of the company. The processing laboratory and the storage tanks are located within the hospital Hygeia. Stem Health offers a safe and controlled environment for the thousands stem cell units currently stored in liquid and vapor nitrogen storage tanks.

The fundamental philosophy of Stem-Health is transparency and honesty in all transactions and relationships with third parties. Fundamental goal of Stem Health is the scientific enlightenment of parents on the benefits of banking stem cells, in an objective and truthful manner.

Stem-Health is the only stem cell bank in Greece and one of the few in Europe that is offering the choice to parents to bank stem cells for family use or donate them for public use. The funding of this operation is exclusively covered by Stem Health reflecting the sense of social responsibility of the company. The units collected for public use contribute to augmenting the international pool of cord blood units intended for allogeneic use.

Our principles are:
Quality, Safety, Honesty, Scientific Expertise.