Why should you trust and select our stem cell bank?

Maximum Security

  • Because, the stem cells of your child are stored inside the Hygeia Hospital, one of the biggest and most prestigious private hospitals in the country. The Hygeia Hospital has obtained JCI accreditation (Joint Commission International), the most demanding and prestigious accreditation in the world. This accreditation confirms that Hygeia follows rigorously all the applicable safety and quality standards.
  • Because, our laboratory facility and the stem cells storage tanks are electronically monitored 24 hours a day. The laboratory is equipped with the latest fire alarm and fire extinguishing equipment. Access to the laboratory is limited to the personnel and is strictly controlled electronically. Finally, Hygeia security personnel monitor the facility day and night.
  • Because, there is a central external tank to ensure continuous and automatic supply of nitrogen to the storage tanks. This is important to ensure that the tanks are always full, a critical factor for the long term viability of the stem cells.  
  • Because, all the data files that contain the relevant donor and stem cells information are kept in duplicate, in electronic and hard copy forms, in order to eliminate the possibility of any data loss. One record is kept within the laboratory while the other copy is kept at an installation outside Hygeia.

Smooth operation

  • Because, the Hygeia hospital has backup generators to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity to all the sensitive equipment in the laboratory, including the stem cells storage tanks.
  • Because, the laboratory works 365 days a year to ensure that all units are processed within hours after birth. Units that are not processed promptly show a significant deterioration in the number of stem cells that ultimately survive.
  • Because, Stem-Health Hellas has installed duplicate equipment in all critical stages of processing, so processing is never delayed due to equipment malfunction or maintenance.
  • Because, our stem cell storage bank has signed an agreement with IASO that guarantees that if one or the other bank had any difficulties in the processing or storage of stem cells the other bank would come to the rescue.

Unmatched Reliability

  • Because, our bank has received the seal of approval from the Hellenic Data Protection Agency which guarantees that our bank processes your personal data with the upmost secrecy, in line with the provision of the Law n.2472/1997, "Protection of the Individual from the Processing of Personal Data”.
  • Because, we conduct thorough tests on the maternal blood and the umbilical cord blood to ensure the suitability of the stored units.
  • Because, when all tests are completed the parents receive a certificate of storage and an official receipt for the amount paid by the parents.
  • Because, we use couriers who specialize in the transport of biological material to deliver the stored unit to any transplantation center around the world. In fact one of our won biologist will accompany the transport to make certain that the units arrives safely and promptly.

Superior Quality

  • Because, our bank was the first family bank in Europe to secure the FACT-NetCord accreditation. FACT-NetCord is the most demanding and specialized accreditation in the world for stem cell banks. Only the banks that can demonstrate consistent levels of quality and safety can qualify.

There are 38 banks worldwide that have FACT-NetCord accreditation of which 8 are family banks.

Our bank is a member of the non-profit organization Cord Blood Europe which provides information to the European Union and national governments on how best to raise the standards of stem cell banks in Europe.

  • Because, the staff of our bank and consists of experienced biologists and other scientists with extremely high levels of educational (PhD and M.Sc).
Because, our bank accurately reports the number of progenitor stem cells that each stored unit has (CD34+ and TNC). In fact, that number of progenitor stem cells that Stem-Health Hellas reports and the corresponding viability rates are amongst the highest in this industry. The number of progenitor stem cells is a key piece of information which is included in the certificate of storage that parents receive.

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